Voices of the Coalition

 “Delighted that the President’s State of the Union address tonight included a critical focus on affordability and college completion. We agree that transparency is a critical driver to education reform and that solid comparative  information will allow students to get the best bang for their education buck. As a member of the American Dream 2.0 bipartisan coalition focused on college completion, hearing tonight’s message has me fired up and ready to go.”

—Marc Morial
President and Chief Executive Officer, National Urban League

“The recommendations in The American Dream 2.0 Report call for an overhaul of our nation’s financial aid system to both expand college access and increase the number of graduates. This report raises the right questions, tackles the tough issues, and its recommendations, if implemented, will bolster the economic competitiveness of Kentucky and our nation by producing more college graduates.”

—Robert King
President, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

“It’s time for the federal government to start leveraging the $150 billion it spends annually on student financial aid by creating incentives for colleges and universities to better serve their low-income students and help more of them graduate. The National College Access Network supports the principles outlined in American Dream 2.0 and urges Congress to consider ways to get a better return on this vital taxpayer investment.”

— Kim Cook
Executive Director, National College Access Network


“These findings send a clear signal to policymakers that students and families need reform now. We must invest in ways that make college more affordable, reduce student debt, increase completion rates, and expand access. The status quo is not working when some institutions have completion rates in the single digits and skyrocketing student loan default rates. Students must lead the charge for real change.”

— Aaron Smith
Young Invincibles Co-Founder & Executive Director